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ThermoSpas is dedicated to maintaining the industry’s best reputation for hot tub quality and customer satisfaction. From heaters with titanium components to circulation pumps to Throttle Control Valves, ThermoSpas® uses only top quality parts and employs the latest and best hot tub technology.

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Today’s ThermoSpas

Today’s ThermoSpas brings a whole new level of service to home spa customers. As part of the Jacuzzi Group Worldwide family, ThermoSpas customers now enjoy the benefits of expanded industry knowledge and resources. The result is a truly customer-first experience to match its industry leading spas.

What does Customer-First mean for you?

Personalized  Customer Service

One thing that sets ThermoSpas apart is focus on the customer experience. A factory-trained technician will come out to your home and help you determine the most effective place for your new spa and the safest, least expensive method of installation. The technician will answer your questions and provide personalized service and attention from the selection of your new spa through delivery and installation. Once your spa is installed, ThermoSpas continues this high level of customer service so you can enjoy your home spa for years to come.

And the survey says… ThermoSpas enlisted the help of JD Power and Associates, a globally recognized source of product ratings, to better understand customer needs.

A post-installation, satisfaction survey to over 200 ThermoSpas customers showed an average customer satisfaction rating of 8.4 out of a possible 10. It also provided key areas for improvement, which led to a company-wide focus on service after the purchase, including:

  • The person you talk to is the person who can make decisions
  • One point of contact you can count on
  • Educated and highly trained representatives to answer your questions from water chemical balance to filter changes and more
  • 24-hour call back commitment
  • Service issues resolved in less than 7 days so you can get back to enjoying your home spa faster

And the hard work paid off. In a post-service survey, customers continue to give ThermoSpas high scores with a 4.7 on a 5 point scale (5 being extremely satisfied).

“Investing in the people and resources to make our customer service even better makes perfect sense to us. We are absolutely focused on customer satisfaction, knowing this is the key to our continued success.”

Drew Meng
President, North America Spa

How does ThermoSpas provide Customer-First Service?

Training and Resources

  • Each Customer Care representative must complete a four level training program and pass a series of written and oral tests
  • ThermoSpas field representatives participate in regular training and guidance to help consumers through the buying and installation process
  • Additional representatives are hired as market needs increase
  • Instilling a customer-first corporate culture

Professional Service

ThermoSpas employs service technicians locally as full-time Approved Factory Technicians as well as in-house service staff to monitor phones 52 weeks a year. ThermoSpas only manufactures and sells hot tubs so the knowledgeable staff resolves most questions right over the phone.

Local Delivery

ThermoSpas delivery crews completely install the spa, except for the final electrical hook up, which must be done by a local certified electrician. The delivery team will even install options such as a cover lifter at no additional charge.

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We contacted ThermoSpas. One of the representatives came out soon. He was very nice, professional, and knowledgeable about the product. We talked about features and sizes and cost involved to maintain the spa. We found a spa perfectly suited for us.

Jim and Pat Mendenhall

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