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ThermoSpas is fully committed to improving energy efficiency, and thereby lowering the cost to operate a hot tub and helping to safeguard our environment in the process. Because of that, ThermoSpas has developed numerous cutting edge technologies that dramatically improve the energy efficiency of every part of the hot tub.

  • Ultra Energy Efficient
  • Save Money
  • Minimal Cost to Operate
  • Low Maintenance

hot tub energy savings insulation

Multi-Layered Modular Insulation

Unlike other manufacturers who fill their spas with permanent, full-foam insulation that must be laboriously removed when a problem arises, the outer cabinets of ThermoSpas® hot tubs are made of easily removable ThermoBoard™ panels.

Behind the ThermoBoard™, a proprietary polyethylene barrier called ThermoBlanket™ is wrapped around the spa perimeter to insulate the hot tub and lock out wind. Next, specially designed high-density insulator panels with a high R-value, called ThermoFoil™, are installed. Both of these layers are foil covered to help reflect and lock in the heat radiated from the spa’s pumps and heater.

ThermoSpas® insulation is also so cost efficient and versatile, it can even be removed to help keep spas in warm climates cool.

Co-Generated Heat
While most spa makers expel the heat generated by their hot tubs into your backyard and deliver cold air through their jets, ThermoSpas® hot tubs capture and reuse this heat to both insulate and to warm the air sent through the jets.

Ultra Quiet Operation
Tests by an independent lab also proved ThermoSpas® insulation has better sound-proofing than full-foam spas. This has helped ThermoSpas earn the reputation for having the hot tub industry’s “quietest operating spas.”

hot tub energy savings covers

Hot Tub Covers

ThermoSpas designers and engineers have created an exceptionally energy-efficient hot tub cover that conserves heat better than any other spa cover in the world. ThermoCover™ is insulated with a 4-1/2” core of Super-Foam, which is exactly the same insulation used on the Alaskan Pipeline! ThermoCover™ is strong, durable, and 70% more efficient than other spa manufacturers’ thermal hot tub covers, saving you money in operating costs!

While industry standards dictate that spa covers must support 175-lbs, ThermoCover™ withstands as much as 550-lbs (evenly distributed weight). And because it comes with our tough Cam-Lock strap and spa cover lock system, it is perfect for keeping unsupervised children and uninvited guests out of your hot tub.

Easy Maintenance
ThermoCovers™ are not only beautiful, they’re easy to maintain and care for. ThermoCovers™ outer skin is made of SpaTech™ vinyl, a lavishly textured vinyl that’s tough enough for indoor or outdoor use.

ThermoSpas® hot tub covers keep your heating costs to an absolute minimum to save you money – and your hot tub is always ready for you to enjoy! They also come with the best warranty in the business.

hot tub energy savings control panel

Computerized Hot Tub Control Panels

Each ThermoSpas® hot tub comes with a state-of-the-art computerized control panel which allows you to easily control all the features of the spa. Control panels are conveniently located, waterproof, easy to use, and come equipped with many powerful features:

  • Pre-programmed filtration cleans the water automatically, twice daily
  • Temperature lock keeps the spa water at the right temperature
  • Automatic freeze protection constantly protects your spa
  • Panel locking prevents anyone from using your spa
  • Diagnostic center monitors all hot tub systems day and night and indicates any service needs
  • Digital clock for your convenience

The ThermoSpas® control panel is also a money-saving marvel! Not only is it fully computerized and user friendly, it’s packed with energy-saving features:

  • Economy Mode cuts your energy costs by preventing the spa from using any electricity until it’s time for a water filtration cycle
  • Automatic shut off turns the spa jets off after you get out

Download Control Panel Manual PDF


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