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ThermoSpas offers one of the widest selections of hot tub jets in the industry. Plus, no one else gives you as great of an opportunity to tailor those jets to your individual therapeutic needs. And while other manufacturer’s standard spas average only 20 jets, ThermoSpas® hot tubs average more than 70 jets!

  • More Jets than Competitors
  • More Customizable
  • Patented Technology
  • Exclusive Engineering
  • Complete Control at Your Fingertips
  • Powerful Full-Body Massage

Exclusive ThermoSpas® Technology

hot tub jets total control therapy

Total Control Therapy®

Only ThermoSpas offers Total Control Therapy® which allows each person to individually control the jets in their seat – without disturbing anyone else!

While other spa manufacturers use only one or two hot tub pumps to control all of their jets, ThermoSpas offers multiple spa pumps – as many as six in a single hot tub. This way, each bather can control an individual seating area.

The Throttle Control Valve allows each person to adjust the intensity of an entire seating area from a mild tingling sensation to a powerful jet action. This unique valve offers an infinite amount of diversity, allowing each person to find a perfect massage. Plus, only ThermoSpas offers an air control valve that lets you adjust how much air is combined into the water jets, allowing you to control the intensity of the massage.

hot tub jets the wave lounge

The Wave Lounge

Lie down on a specially designed lounge that can include nearly 60 jets, close your eyes, and push a button. The first set of jets begins to gently massage your neck and shoulders. Seconds later, the massaging action moves to your spine and lower back. Next, your legs and thighs. Then, your feet receive a pulsating massage.

The Wave Lounge also offers a dedicated Therapy Valve to control the intensity of your massage. Of course, if you feel like concentrating the massage action on one specific area, just push the pause button and the Wave Lounge therapy lingers on that part of the body until you’re ready for it to move on.

Types of Hot Tub Jets

Not only does ThermoSpas offer more types of jets, but several types of jets are fully interchangeable, giving you even more flexibility to customize your hot tub experience. Therapy and Swirl Jets can be easily swapped to target different parts of your body. Laser and Pulsating Jets can also be easily swapped, allowing you to customize your water massage therapy at any time.

thermospas hot tub pillow jets

Pillow Jets

Gives an unbeatable neck massage, including a control valve to adjust intensity. This is a favorite feature among many ThermoSpas customers. Nothing compares to a nice neck massage, so the Pillow Jet was created to do just that. No need to put your head under water – just sit back in your therapy seat, put your head on the pillow, push the button and you receive a soothing flow of warm water across the back of your neck.

thermospas hot tubs therapy jets

Therapy Jets

Very popular hot tub jets with powerful directional streams. Therapy Jets are easily controllable to give you just the right amount of massage. You can turn the outer ring to open or close the jet to control the power, and the nozzle can be adjusted by simply pointing it to the desired location on your body.

thermospas hot tubs swirl jets

Swirl Jets

Swirl Jets pamper you with swirling massage. The nozzle design swirls the water around in a circular pattern, giving you an overall massage in a wide area. Power from the jet is also controlled by turning the outer ring to open or close the jet stream.

Whirlpool Jets

Large round jets that are particularly good for those with special therapy needs. Each has the power of up to 6 Therapy Jets or 12 Laser Jets. Whirlpool Jets are an absolute must for those in need of massage therapy.

Diverting Whirlpool Jets

Similar to the standard Whirlpool Jet, but with the addition of a diverting mechanism that permits you to direct the water flow to other jets in the spa. The outer ring turns to open the jet all the way for maximum whirlpool flow, or turn it to additional settings to divert water to different sections of the spa.

thermospas hot tubs laser jets

Laser Jets

Pinpoint and soothe individual joints. These are smaller than other jets, but they are very powerful. When clustered together and positioned properly, you will get a one-of-a-kind massage.

thermospas hot tubs pulsating jets

Pulsating Jets

Gently knead and massage tired muscles. The same size as the Laser Jet, but includes the unique ability to pulsate. Imagine the feeling of the magical fingers of a master masseuse.


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