Premium Hot Tub Engineering and High Quality Components

All ThermoSpas® hot tubs are engineered for perfection from the ground up to exceed industry standards. That’s why ThermoSpas® hot tubs are built with only the highest quality components and materials in the industry.

  • Driven to Exceed Standards
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Built to Last
  • Most Rigorous Testing
  • Best Warranty in the Industry

thermospas hot tub engineering heaters

Heaters with Titanium Components

Hot tub heaters take a lot of abuse. From the moment a spa is turned on, hot water and sanitizing chemicals are constantly rocketing through the heater. Industry surveys show that heaters are usually the first part of a spa to fail. It’s no surprise, since most heaters are made of stainless steel, which makes them vulnerable to the pitting and corrosion fatigues that lead to problems ranging from heat loss to complete system failure.

That’s why ThermoSpas makes virtually indestructible heaters with titanium – the strongest metal known to man. Heaters with titanium components not only last 10 times longer and maintain their efficiency better, but they are also backed up with a much better warranty. Heaters with titanium components come standard on Designer, Aquatic, and Fitness Series models.

thermospas hot tub engineering pumps

Hot Tub Pumps

ThermoSpas® pumps were developed exclusively for the rigorous demands of use in hot tubs, and they enjoy the same reputation for durability and reliability as our hot tub heaters. The quality built into each and every hot tub pump ensures that you will enjoy years of trouble-free operation.

Viton® Seal*

High-tech Viton® seals are used in the most demanding marine environments, such as oil rigs positioned in the North Sea. The superior resistance to corrosive fluids makes these seals an ideal choice for long life and dependable operation.

 Higher Capacity

ThermoSpas® water pumps have a much higher capacity water flow than standard pumps, making them far superior for delivering water and run cooler to avoid over-heating your spa in the summer months.

*Viton® is a registered trademark of Dupont.

thermospas hot tub engineering filters

ThermoFiltration™ for Perfectly Clear Water

Filters are an essential part of all hot tubs. They filter out large particles to keep your water pure and clean so your hot tub is always ready to use.

Other manufacturers use either a noisy and inefficient Dual Speed Pump which only activates twice a day, or a slow Independent Pump which is prone to overheating and automatic shutdowns.

That’s why ThermoSpas developed a proprietary method of filtering hot tub water: ThermoFiltration™.

  • 100 percent of the water is filtered up to 144 times per day!
  • Filters are located in an easy-to-access part of the spa
  • Powerful pump that runs so cool it can last up to twice as long as other manufacturers’ pumps and practically eliminates the chance of overheating the water

This guarantees clean and healthy water that’s always ready when you are.

thermospas hot tub engineering water purification

ThermOzone™ for Ultimate Water Purification

Hot tub Ozonators from ThermoSpas result in a virtually maintenance-free, safe and odorless hot tub, letting you spend more time relaxing in your spa and less time worrying about maintenance.

What is Ozone?

More effective than chlorine and with no harmful by-products, ozone is “nature’s purifier.” It not only shields us from the sun’s harmful radiation, but it is also effective at killing bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, mold, mildews, and chloramines found in water. In fact, ozone is used to sanitize 90 percent of bottled water, and has been used for more than 140 years to sanitize municipal drinking water.

What are Ozonators?

Ozonators replicate the way ozone is created in nature to bring the incredible power of ozone to your spa’s water. Ozonators not only improve the quality of your hot tub’s water; they also reduce the need for chemical sanitizers.

Why ThermOzone™?

It’s the only automatic Ozonator with an EPA approved (# 071473-CA-001) built-in de-gasser tank that eliminates ALL offensive and potentially dangerous gases. This makes it safe to use while you’re in your hot tub, and it’s the only one recommended for indoor hot tub installations. ThermOzone™ remains the most easy-to-use, cost-effective, and safe Ozonator system in the entire spa industry.

thermospas hot tub engineering bubbling system

The Industry’s Best Bubbling System

ThermoSpas® bubble systems provide the most important aspects of hot tub ownership: stress reduction, relaxation, and fun! Many ThermoSpas® owners say that relaxing in their hot tubs with the bubble system on is like sitting in a giant glass of champagne! And while three out of four of competitors don’t even offer a bubbling system, ThermoSpas finds it to be the number one feature that customers request.

ThermoSpas® hot tub bubble system features:

  • blower regulator valve that allows you to adjust the bubbling action from champagne-like effervescence all the way up to an exhilarating surge
  • The quietest motors in the industry so the only sound you hear is the soothing harmony of bubbling water
  • A computerized air-cleaning system to keep bubbles perfectly clear
  • co-generated heating system to warm the air so you can enjoy your spa’s bubbles even on the coldest of nights


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