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Swim Spa vs. Traditional Swimming Pool

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7 Cost Saving Considerations Compared to a Traditional Swimming Pool

Compare the many advantages of a Thermospas® Swim Spa!

Compare the many advantages of a Thermospas® Swim Spa!

ThermoSpas® Swim Spa
Traditional Swimming Pool
Average Annual Usage Year ‘round 3-4 Months
Monthly Heating Cost* $35-45 $200-250
Shell Resurfacing Never 5 Years
Need for Fencing Rare Always
Home Resale Value Helps Sale Hinders
Portable Yes No
Property Taxes Usually no change Definite Increase

*Estimates based on 85°F water temperature

Awards & Recognition

"My husband and I purchased an Aquacisor last year and it has been wonderful. I would highly recommend ThermoSpas to anyone who is interested in a high-quality, easy to take care of spa. We have owned several other hot tubs and this one by far is the best. The whole process from start to finish was very professional."

– Wanda C.

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