The Health, Fitness and Exercise Benefits of a Hot Tub

Exercise and keeping fit are essential to living a long, healthy life. Whereas most forms of physical fitness involves difficult, high-impact exercises that can hurt and even cause injuries, hot tubs provide a much safer and easygoing way to work out.

  • Low-Impact Exercise
  • Great Cardio Workout
  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Swimming in Place
  • Cool Down Massage
  • Optional Workout Attachments

hot tub fitness cardio strength training

Cardio and Strength Training

Hot tubs combine the beneficial elements of low-impact training with highly aerobic cardio for a truly exceptional and rewarding workout. Some hot tubs, such as ThermoSpas® swim spas and exercise spas, even incorporate elastic training bands designed to work the shoulders, arms, and legs.

hot tub fitness swim spa

Swim Spas

Swimming is widely recognized as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for all ages and athletic conditions. Beyond staying fit and feeling better, a University of South Carolina 32-year study found that “swimming helps: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, [and] reduces risk of dying by 50 percent.” Swim spas provide all the benefits of swimming with the convenience of a hot tub. For example, the ThermoSpas® Spa Trainer is designed for swimming in place against a variable current as well as massage, relaxation, and entertaining with the many seating areas and built-in therapy seats.

hot tub fitness massage

Post-Workout Massage

After a great workout, where better to cool down than right in the hot tub with a soothing, full-body massage? Even moderate exercising can potentially strain the body and tighten muscles. When that happens, there’s no better relief than a plethora of Therapy Jets massaging every aching muscle in your body!

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